by: Wes

The original black-and-white scan.

I signed my name and the date between his legs. ;P

Now, let's add some color!

The skin, shell, and underbelly colors were borrowed from promotional artwork (and the latest Konami TMNT game); the shoulderpads and the mask colors were borrowed from Michaelangelo as he appears in the "comic mode" of "TMNT IV: Turtles in Time" on the Super Nintendo. (Except for the belt, shoulderstrap, and nunchuk colors, which are more in keeping with the colors of the Japanese Super Michaelangelo action figure.)

Aaaand here he is as a transparent gif file, with skin, underbelly, and shoulderpad colors taken from "TMNT IV: Turtles in Time". Everything else is the same as above.

Soon I think I'll make a background for him or something. Until then...


-- Wes --

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